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Balloon Kingdom

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Balloon Kingdom

Have you ever wondered where balloons go when they float away into the sky? What happens to them after they float through and above the clouds? Do they continue to exist even though we can't see them anymore?

Join Casper as he explores the wonderful world of Balloon Kingdom, a kingdom above the clouds. A place of wonder, dreams, and imagination. Where balloons flourish, live, love and exist... if you believe. Follow his journey as he defends the very reality of Balloon Kingdom from his parents, his teachers, his classmates, and his own mind.

An inspirational story suited for all ages.

Balloon Kingdom features:
-An original and compelling story told over 29 beautiful pages.
-Special 'find a balloon' mission!
-Dynamic and unique interactivity on every page.
-Beautiful illustrations and fun animations.
-Warm, friendly and charming narration.
-Original music, voice-over and sound effects.
-Highlighted text in sync with narration, great for kids learning to read!
-App Store Kids section compliance.